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I am offering knitting patterns to pass the time with enjoyment and making knitting showing harmony and well-being. At the moment I am using Italien knitting yarn in the qualities merino wool, cotton, linen/cotton blend and silk, from Campolmi Roberto Filati in Florence, Italy, where you can purchase the yarn. However, in all knitting patterns there are suggestions of yarn alternatives.
In the future I will use woollen yarn and cashmere also from Scotland as I did years ago.
Besides knitting patterns there are handknitted garments available from the hand knitting studio in the yarns indicated above. The assortment of garments available selected by me made to order, please look here.
Other articles of clothing are available from the tailoring workshop. The fabrics used here are carefully selected from the big assortment to find here in Sicily regarding especially cotton, linen and silk. Lately I have purchased the most beautiful fabric from the big store Salvatore Parlato Tessuti in Palermo.
Woolen fabric and tweeds are mainly from Scotland.
All materials used in the hand knitting studio as well as in the tailoring workshop (yarn, fabric and accessories) are mainly purchased in Sicily (Italy), England and Scotland - with the following issue in mind:
I like the idea of keepng business in Europe. Included the processing of the designs that only takes place in my workshops - the hand knitting studio and the tailoring workshop - in Sicily.
Samples in knitting and/or fabric are available as a free service.
I shall be happy to advise regarding qualities and coloures. It is important to choose the right colour for a model to keep the harmony in the design. A wrong colour or quality, for that matter, can put out the life and glow and expression regardless it was meant to be an exquisite design.
A few designs are available in only one or two sizes also depending on the pattern. Normally though, the sizes are small (8), medium (10), large (14) and xlarge (18) - and more and more also in size xxlarge (22). If you cannot find your proper size I shall be happy to make to measure a knitting pattern, a handknitted garment or a tailored item. Please do not hesitate to contact me.
When ordering a model from one of the workshops I kindly ask for a deposit. Then the balance falls due by delivery.
The processing time for handknitted garments will be from 3 to 12 weeks and from the tailoring workshop from 1 to 2 weeks.
New designs will be presented one by one when ready. The news will go directly to the subscribers of the mailing list and presented on the website.
For earlier collections please look here.
Additionally there are the design line YPSPIGRA, a subdivision where I am keeping the style for theese garments in a casual and simple design with the intention to build up sets and series containing jumpers, cardigans, tops, skirts etc.
For your next project please have a look at the Design Gallery for inspiration.
The members of the mailing list are entitled to a 10 % discount which for the knitting patterns will be a refund and for the hand knitted and tailored items the refund shall be calculated when settling the account.

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