woollen waistcoat - exhibition model

Do-it-yourself - the knitting pattern here
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CALTANISSETTA - a beautiful and elegant sleeveless woollen cardigan - HIGH CLASS DESIGN. This exhibition model has been manufactured in our handknitting workshop in headquarters between Pollina and Castelbuono in Sicily.
There is only this item available for that favorable price.

Size: small/medium
Measurements of the garment:
Bust: 94 cm (36¼")
Length: 66 cm (26")
Composition: 100 % mid-weight merino wool (DK-weight) - resistant in wash (hand wash) as well as in use.
Colour way: ink blue (col. 6)
More info: about this design - here.
Normal unit price: € 292,65 EUR
Delivery outside Europe: € 15 EUR.

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