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€ 65 EUR
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Manufacturing time: 4 - 5 weeks.

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CALTANISSETTA - a lovely waistcoat or sleeveless woollen cardigan in a casual design in columns of garter stitches altering wide plaits. The textured surface gives the garment a handsome rustic look. The big collar gives a nice finish to the cardigan. Available in 2 lengths - very short and quite long. The cardigan is supposed to stay open - rather wide open - can be with buttons on request. A design suitable for everybody - the young ones as well as for the more mature.
Material: 100 % merino wool, DK-weight - resistent regarding colours and shapes to wash and wear.
More information and colours further down the page.
Sizes: small/medium - large - xlarge - xxlarge.
The model is available in 6 colour-ways.
The exhibition model in col. 6 size S/M is on sale in OUTLET - learn more.
Delivery for free inside Europe.
Sizes: small/medium - large - xlarge - xxlarge
The measurements:
To fit bust: 92 cm - 103 cm - 118 cm - 132 cm (36¼" - 40½" - 46½" - 52")
Length, short model: 42 cm - 45 cm - 48 cm - 54 cm (16½" - 17¾" - 19" - 21¼")
Length, long model: 66 cm - 68 cm - 70 cm - 72 cm (26" - 26¾" - 27½" - 28¼")
Composition: (strong) DK-weight 100 % pure new merino wool. The fleece is imported from Spain and Australia to be manufactured and dyed in Italy with all due respect for the environment.
Washing instructions: handwash at 30°C - suitable for a spin-dry.
The handicraft production: handknitted to order in our workshop between Pollina and Castelbuono in Sicily. For personal requirements and make to measure please contact us for more info - here.
NOTE: We make only 1 - 2 items each colour at most.
OUTLET: for originals and exhibition-models - learn more
Do-it-yourself: the knitting pattern for this model - here.
Terms of sale: please look here

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