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Welcome to domoras

  • What are YOU looking for when you look around for knitwear?
  • I am making knitwear in the same style as for my favorite shoes from NERO GIARDINI, jeans from ARMANI and furnitures from ARMANI CASA and Danish Nanna Dietzel:
    simplicity - functionality - beauty - high quality natural materials!
  • And this does not come cheap! But then you can make a jumper of ours yourself!
  • I am offering you the possibility of spoiling yourself in your precious freetime to create a fantastic jumper - or to come here in the home restaurant for a fabulous meal.
  • This website is about lifestyle and love for beauty, design, the surroundings, Parco delle Madonie (natural park) and Sicily - this is the setting of domoras.
  • Many things are about design: knitwear and tailoring, beautiful cooking, life as a whole. BEAUTIFUL DESIGN is important for human beings.
  • I want to invite everybody into my world - my design. Enjoy!
  • Made in Italy.
  • Best regards
    Dorte M Rasmussen

    More about the Madonie Park HERE.

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