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Inhaberin und Manager
Umgebung - Montenero
Home Restaurant

Koordinaten des Wohnsitz: 37.969320, 14.099782 - 10 km nach Pollina und 6 km nach Castelbuono - 10 Min. zum Meer

  • Der Name "domoras" ist von meinem persönlichen Namen komponiert - Dorte Moller Rasmussen.
  • I am Danish by birth and up to this date I have lived the main part of my life in the region Vendsyssel, the most northern part i Denmark.
    But the blood in my veins from my ancestors, the Vikings, and the spirit of these proud men you cannot just dismiss. In 2003 I followed the tracks to the northern Scotland where I lived for 6 years. In 2009 again I picked up the tracks - this time to Sicily, this fantastic island south of Italy.
    The Vikings arrived here together with the Normans in the year 1062 - because the Vikings were the progenitors of the Normans! In the year 911 the Viking cheif Rollo was given by the French king Charles 3rd the Simple land where the flood Seine falls into the sea, for in return Rollo should defend the population against the ravage of other Vikings. This area was named Normandy from the Normans which means the men from the North - the Vikings . And Rollo was married to the daughter of the king, Gizéle.
  • Sicily is a cosmopolitan place and the population is a wonderful blend from all the cultures and people who have governed the island during the past. I feel I am a part of all this, feel I belong here. Maybe because of my heritage from the Vikings which I have in common with the Sicilians! I feel at home in the country side between Castelbuono, and Pollina, both small (Pollina really just a village) medieval towns where both still have a touch of the past and a wonderful atmosphere. And here in the country side you'll also find our home restaurant, a new trend in Italy, where you can have lunch with us in our house. The recipies you can find in the website casa domoras (in englisch).
  • The climate is fantastic all year - fresh during the winter which is not bad after the heat in the summer where we can have around 40°C.
    The people are like the climate and the island - warm and colourful and their kindness towards me as a stranger has been absolutely unbelievable.
    The food is exquisite and fresh - meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. And the wine is wonderful - try the grape Nero d'Avola.
  • Even it is hot in the summer it is more chilly in the winter as mentioned before and as everything I have found here gives me inspiration I have picked up my previous trade as designer for knitwear and textiles and we supply knitwear and other garments as well as wool and patterns. Please go to Design und Produkte.

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