My residence and worhshop is placed in the countryside btween the 2 most beautiful small towns in the natural park Madonie: Castelbuono and Pollina. The surroundings are always giving me inspiration for my work if it is for designing textiles or working in the kitchen - a work giving me the possibility to make recipies for free on the website and which is the foundation for this new addition: home restaurant.
It is also from here I work with web site with information about Sicily and holidays.

I would like to invite you to come and see our textile product or just to enjoy the place.
And you can also have your lunch or dinner in the home restaurant!
I shall be happy to prepare a Sicilian lunch or a meal in a more international style you can enjoy in theese wonderful surroundings!

In October we offer a "Scottish lunch": soup and sandwiches followed by crepes stuffed with meat or vegetables.

The style of the house - outside as well as inside - is our own created rustic stile in remembrance of the country life in the northern Denmark combined with the stile of cottages from earlier times in Sicily. In our open kitchen we make beautiful local dishes but we also take time for dishes of the experimental type - also including the very best produce!
The menu is carried out on a daily basis depending of the time of year or special wishes from our hospities. We serve min. 2 persons and we have room for max. 12 - 15 persons.
Prenotation: 2 days in advance please!

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