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Manufactoring time: 3 - 4 weeks.

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MANDRAZZE RUVIDA is a lovely thick cotton sweater. A wide rib pattern for the body and the same style rib but finer for the sleeves. Welt, cuffs, neckband and split-bands in garter sts. The sleeves are raglan-shaped sleeves.
The model is available in 5 sizes and 7 colours - but we make only 1 - 2 models each colour at most - except for white and black which are ongoing colours.
Another model in the MANDRAZZE-line: MANDRAZZE CARDIGAN, a wonderful cotton cardigan.
COMPOSITIONS: our pure Egyptian cotton with a plain lustrous surface or the 50/50 blend of cotton/linen (NOTO) with a more rustic surface. Or cotton/silk. The linen has been cultivated in Italy and the cotton fibres are imported from Egypt. The production from fibres to yarn takes place in Italy with all due respect of the nature and evironment. The Egyptian cotton has the CEE cerfication.

Sizes: small - medium - large - xlarge - xxlarge
Measurements of the garment:
Bust: 86 cm - 96 cm - 108 cm - 120 cm - 130 cm (in: 33¾ - 37¾- 42½ - 47¼ - 51¼)
Length: 58 cm - 59 cm - 62 cm - 64 cm - 66 cm (in: 22¾ - 23¼ - 24½ - 25¼ - 26)
Washing instructions: delicately at 30°C - suitable for a spin-dry.
The handicraft production: handknitted to order in our residential workshop in Sicily. We also make to measure. Contact us for more info - here.
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