sleeveless dress in cotton, linen or silk from the tailoring workshop

made to order - manufaturing time 1 - 2 weeks

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ZAFFERANA - a lovely sleeveless dress in cotton, linen or silk. Slightly fitted at both side seams that together with the darts at the bust and also at the back are optimizing the fit. The front hangs quite freely even with the darts around the bust. The dress has a nice fit without being tight.
The standard model comes with 3 small buttons at the front neckline for decoration.
This design is suitable for all ages.
Materials: 100 % cotton, 100 % linen or 100 % silk - exquicite qualities which are resistant regarding shape and colours. The dress presented here is in linen.
The dress shall always be available in plain white and black or to choose from the list under the photo or as you wish. Please write your colour wish in the text field in the ordering form - or make contact here.
Sizes: from small to xxlarge.
More information further down the page.
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The balance falls due by delivery.

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  • Cotton, white
    100 % cotton, pique.
  • Linen, white
    100 % batiste (linen - cambric), an exquisite quality
  • Linen, black
    100 % batiste (linen), a beautiful light quality
  • Linen, dove-blue
    100 % linen, rustic surface
  • Silk, bronze
    100 % silk, medium-weight thai/shantung - to note the colour.
  • Sizes: small(8) - medium(10) - large(14) - xlarge(18) - xxlarge(22)
    Measurements of the dress:
    Bust: 88 cm - 96 cm - 106 cm - 119 cm - 132 cm (in: 34¾ - 37¾ - 41¾ - 46¾ - 52)
    Length mid back: 93 cm - 94 cm - 96 cm - 97 cm - 98 cm (in: 36½ - 37 - 37¾ - 38¼ - 38½)
    The hip width will be 2 - 4 cm (in: 1¾ - 2½) more than the bust width.
    Composition: 100 % cotton, linen or silk - exact descriptions in the colour views.
    I am using the best qualities I can find. Current in stock there are the white linen batiste and the bluish linen which both come from Salvatore Parlato in Palermo. The shirt is also available in dupion/shantung silk.
    Colours: the models are always available in white and black. The white silk is satin silk. Other colours may be available occasionally.
    For personal requirements regarding shapes and colours and make to measure please do not hesitate to make contact for more information - here.
    Buttons: made from shell or coconut shell.
    Washing instructions: delicate machine wash or hand wash in lukewarm water (30°C).
    The manufacture of our apparel: made to order in my tailoring workshop at my residence between Pollina and Castelbuono in Sicily.
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